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About Us

“Food Brings people together on many different levels
It’s the nourishment of the soul and body; it truly,”

-Giada De Laurentiis

Our story & mission

FLAVOURS AVENUE's mission is to make gourmet and healthy food products easily available and accessible to the kitchens of people who pride themselves in preparing healthy foods and leading better lives.

Healthier Food; Happier Food; Tastier Food!

FLAVOURS AVENUE is our new Endeavor that has its inspiration from the powerful practice of our Indian tradition. Yes, that is Agriculture, which has lost its respect and value over the past few decades. Our mother nature and our forefathers have given us plenty of ways to lead a healthy life, aligned with nature and we have completely forgotten it and have come a long way into a slippery foundation. 

We, at FLAVOURS AVENUE, decided to create a revolution in society by turning back and bringing back some of the forgotten Traditions, back into our lives, trying to bring back “life” into our lives.

FLAVOURS AVENUE will bring the forgotten traditional healthy foods back to supermarkets and e-commerce portals. The products chosen by Flavour’s Avenue would be made in traditional methods and processed from completely naturally grown plants, without any addition of chemicals during any stage. 


A completely natural product is one that is produced in a 100% chemical freeway, using traditional methods in a completely hygienic environment, from plants that are grown 100% organic. And at FLAVOURS AVENUE, we assure you our products will be “Natural and Healthy”.

Therefore 100% assurance is given on each product that walks into the stands at the nearby stores.

Our Founder

Keerthana Navaneethan


A Costume Designer graduate, born and brought up in a propitious and didactic environment of an agricultural family, where curiosity and ingenuity were encouraged rather than inhibited, the values and benefits of ancient traditions were ingrained in me at a relatively young age, paving inspiration to stand up as a women entrepreneur. It is this Knowledge, which has got me into the position where I am right now.

A bit about the Company

FLAVOURS AVENUE was started in 2018, with the goal of building a world-class food business emphasizing accountability, honesty, and quality. It was clear to us, the products which we manufacture ingredients were produced from our own family farm and sourced from local farmers. FLAVOURS AVENUE  branded products where we could offer our customers the best selection, quality, and value.